Every wise board and savvy leader knows that social media, the digital revolution, and cultural shifts have made taking ethics seriously a necessity; it’s an unavoidable conversation.

TechEthica is the only solution that puts ethics to work- it’s strategic, analytic, and baked in to the core of the business as a strategic asset to grow and protect the business.

TechEthica uses ethics to drive growth and protect the business, to focus strategy and action, and to increase efficiencies across the enterprise, and usually at no incremental cost. Please visit our Work and Why pages for a little about how we do it.

The Situation: A new reality of risk and opportunity

The digital revolution has ensured that ethical missteps can do damage faster and more catastrophically than ever before, in real dollars and cents. So ethics can kill growth.

But now ethics can also drive growth, and are necessary to drive growth. Because they are part of the necessary expanded framework for making and maintaining business-crucial relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.

The Breakthrough: Ethics that drive business

TechEthica turns ethics into a business asset to drive profitable, repeatable and resilient value-added relationships. These ethics must be specific to your business, embedded in its core, and placed in the hands of a partner who is committed to helping your business flourish.

Everything about TechEthica is designed and deployed to do exactly that. It’s the new frontier of strategic ethics that grow the business.

Ethics Defined 

Ethics are behaviors and values that create broad sustainable success for all direct and indirect stakeholders. Any behavior that impedes, limits or destroys credibility, reliability, or authenticity will limit the power of the organization to grow to the benefit of its stakeholders.

Ethics Discovered 

But whose ethics are we talking about? Ours? Yours? Activists’? No. We are specifically and only concerned with the ethical priorities, expectations and expressions that emerge from an immersive experience with your stakeholders: customers, employees, and suppliers. This is your ethical universe, and we help you navigate it to unlock its value.