The TechEthica Innovation 

In order to leverage ethics that actually contribute to business success, we repurpose and expand the proven methods of human centered design, innovation strategy, consumer insights, brand strategy, and organizational development into a new proprietary process and toolkit. This allows ethics to become a driver of growth rather than the usual cost center, distraction, or pair of handcuffs. It’s a real breakthrough. And it’s unique to us.

Our Unique Approach

What do human centered design, innovation, brand, and organizational thinking have to do with ethics? In practical terms, it means we listen extremely closely to your customers, employees, suppliers, the competitive landscape and the broader culture in order to learn what is most important and unique to them, and most importantly how they talk about it, prioritize it, understand it, frame it and experience it. Only in this way can ethics embed into the entire enterprise and become a driver of business growth. And only we have it.

Our Powerful Difference

At TechEthica, we don’t bring our personal ethical opinions. Rather, we turn the ethical priorities and perceptions of key stakeholders like customers and employees into business assets and action.

The usual approach to ethics is broken: it focuses on risk, not growth; it limits behavior rather than focuses, aligns and inspires business-building action; it listens to alleged experts at the margins rather than to core stakeholders like consumers, employees, and suppliers; and is neither baked into strategy nor embedded across the enterprise as a business asset. It is clueless regarding the power of ethics to do more than manage risk and positively drive business outcomes. Net, it’s a cost center, not a creator of value. As a result, opportunity is left on the table, dollars are wasted, and yes, risk increases. TechEthica flips the script. We have built a suite of tools to tap ethics as a driver of business growth, along with several other benefits.