TechEthica works exclusively with C-Suite leadership.

Our proprietary process and tools discovers the key motivating concerns and values held by your customers, leadership, employees and suppliers. We learn how they understand, frame and talk about key ethical priorities. We consider the impact on the business as both opportunity and risk. We deliver strategic guidance and work to embed these core business-driving values into strategy, culture and action. We drive growth and feed the bottom line. And we monitor success. Our process looks like this:

Ethics Discovery

We use our proprietary discovery tools to immerse with leadership, employees, consumers and suppliers. These draw upon and extend the best practices that originated in human centered design, experience strategy, and brand innovation.

Ethics Strategy

Using our proprietary TechEthica analytics and structure framework, we create a focused ethics strategy that drives growth, differentiates the business, aligns actions, builds culture, and attracts and delights the market.

Ethics System

We embed these growth-oriented ethics systemically across the enterprise through a process of advising, facilitating, and stewarding. This means that these business-building ethics will show up in everything from mission and vision, to brand purpose, product and experience design, innovation, brand marketing, organizational culture, action alignment, training, recruitment, and more.

TechEthica Team

Each engagement with us includes specialists in research, strategy and analysis, in theoretical and applied ethics, and in process management.


Our costs are determined based on complexity, scope, and goals for each client. But while our process and tools are unique, our fees align with familiar areas like innovation, research, facilitation and strategy consulting. Best of all, our work can usually be funded through reallocation.

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